Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair on the face or body of both men and women across many skin types can causes embarrassment. Repeatedly using temporary methods like shaving or waxing can cause rashes, redness and painful nicks. IPL hair removal is a safe and painless method of removing hair in the longer term: no need to continue suffering with unwanted hair, try this highly effective solution which results in smooth, soft skin.


IPL treatments work to remove unwanted hair by debilitating the hair that is actively growing by applying a very controlled flash of IPL light of a specific wavelength being applied to the surface of your skin. The light produced by the IPL technology is absorbed by the melanin pigmentation (the pigment which gives hair its colour). The thermal energy travels down the hair follicle to its base by way of heat, destroying the follicle in the process, reducing the amount of unwanted hair.

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