Acne scarring can affect a range of ages and skin types with scarring originating from spots. We can reduce and remove your acne scars to leave a smooth and bright complexion, lifting your self confidence.


Mild Acne Scarring

To treat mild acne scarring we combine Microdermabrasions with Light Peels which exfoliate the skin, bringing impurities to the surface, helping to smooth out the skin and create an even texture.

Moderate Acne Scarring

To remove moderate acne scarring we would employ our Professional Strength Acne Peel containing salicylic acid which helps to reduce deeper scarring and pitting to create a smoother, brighter complexion.

Extensive Acne Scarring

To treat extensive acne scarring, Micro Needling will effectively reduce scarring by using controlled wounding to naturally stimulate collagen production in the body, renewing skin cells. Micro Needling is also known as Derma Roller, Collagen Induction Therapy or Skin Needling.


The treatment uses an advanced Dermapen device to cause micro wounds to the skin which creates tiny channels in the deeper dermal layers of the skin. Micro Needling can be said to be more beneficial to laser resurfacing treatments such as Fraxel Laser and CO2 Laser as there is a lower risk of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, making the treatment suitable for both fairer and darker skin types.


This process triggers the onset of the body’s natural wound healing process where growth factors are stimulated and two of the key building blocks of the skin – new collagen and elastin are produced, causing older, damaged collagen to break down, with no outward signs of damage.


A highly concentrated sterile product solution made up of vitamins and peptides is applied to the skin, before short fine needles (0.1mm to 1.5mm) are introduced to the skin. Using this method over ‘dry needling’ enhances the results of the treatment and creates more comfort. The top layer of the skin (epidermis) remains intact, with scar-less healing and no outward damage.


The result is reduced scar with a more even skin tone.


Our professionals would advise accelerating and enhancing results by maintaining your skin at home with a homecare routine using appropriate medical skincare products.

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