Slimming Wrap

What is a Slimming Wrap?
The Slimming Wrap uses heat to expel excess water and toxins from the body through sweating. Products with slimming properties are applied to problematic areas, as the heat from the wrap opens skin pores to allow the products to be absorbed into the skin. The treatment is similar to being within a sauna.


How does it help my body?
The intense heat of the wrap causes excess water to be removed from the body, resulting in a slimmer waist. The treatment is particularly ideal for those who often feel bloated or who have water retention issues. The wrap also works on the lymph nodes to remove waste and toxins from the body.


Duration and recovery
The treatment lasts 30 minutes with no downtime.


A Slimming Wrap session costs £89.

Patient Information Leaflet

45 minute procedure

No recovery time

From £89

Effects last 3 months

No anaesthetic

Effects Visible in 1 week



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