Laser Lipolysis (non invasive)

What is Laser Lipolysis ?
Diet and exercise are still the main stay for losing weight. However, there are often areas resistant that are resistant to diet and exercise. Laser Lipolysis can be an excellent alternative to traditional liposuction for such problem areas.


Laser Lipolysis is completely non invasive and does not result in any pain. Low level Laser paddles are applied to the problem areas. The laser light causes a window to form in the fat cells through which the content of the cells is emptied and drained by the lymphatic system. It is important to exercise following laser lipolysis to aid in the drainage of the fat. We offer FREE power plates for our clients following any treatments and please use this opportunity.


How does it help my body?
Laser Lipolysis is a non surgical alternative to reducing fat and improving overall appearance. The treated area will appear slimmer. Exercise is required for best results . No down time and no changes to the skin noticeable.


Duration and recovery
Treatment can take 1 hour. There is no downtime.


One session – £59

Patient Information Leaflet

30 minute procedure

No recovery time

From £119

Effects Vary

No anaesthetic

Effects visible 1 week


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